Our lunch consists of three courses: a starter, a main dish and coffee for €21,00.

Wednesday midday

Duck, roast pork, beef or chicken generously served on a bowl of authentic Thai Noodle Soup, straight from a Bangkok street corner! In addition to a choice of meat, we offer you two different broths – including the famous Tom Yam – and of course, plenty of condiments and seasoning.

Lunches of the week



Oil Pan
Sugar cane coated

Main course

Gaing Khali Kai
Chicken with yellow curry and coconut milk, potatoes and spring onions - thaï style



Nung Loammit
Steamed starters

Main course

Pla Phad Pet
Fish with chili and basil

Business Lunch of the Day

For €36, you can discover a different menu every day comprising a choice of three starters, three main dishes, one dessert or coffee or jasmine tea and a drink.
Download an example of business lunch