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Les Jeudis des Larmes du Tigre

Our chef invites you to rediscover the real taste of Thai cooking.

This week:


Petites Bulles du Tigre or Cocktail without alcohol

Selection of starters

Yam Mamuang
Salad with mango
Nua Yaing
Grilled beef
Khanom Jeeb Kai
Steamed dumpling of chicken
Todman Pla
Deep-fried curry-flavoured fish cakes
Popie Krob Che
Vegetarian spring roll



Selection of main courses

Gaing Khiaw Wan Ped
Duck with green curry
Kung Phak Priaw Wan
Sweet and sour prawns with vegetables
Nua Phad Kee Mao
Beef with basil and chili paste
Khao Khao
Thai rice


Coupe Larme


½ Still or sparkling water
½ Selection of the month white wine
½ Selection of the month red wine

Menu 45,00 €